Hi there, I'm Christina

I help entrepreneurs and business professionals like you decrease your screen time and increase your "inner me time" through a morning mindfulness practice that will boost your mood, sharpen your mindset & help you stay clear with your most desired intentions.

Clients I’ve had the pleasure to work with...

A bit about me

I began practicing Yoga over 25 years ago, but it really piqued my interest after 9/11.

The world was changing rapidly, and I could sense something very profound bubbling up within me.

I was working as a sales agent for a television production company, highly stressed out, and didn’t really understand that I was experiencing burnout.

There were days where I couldn’t get out of bed and I had to drag myself into work, often wondering, “Is this really my best life?” And "if I continue to work in this way, how will it eventually affect my health?"

I knew my life couldn't stay this way because unfortunately as a young teen, I witnessed my Mother highly stressed out from her job eventually pass away from cancer by the time I hit 19.

A few years after her death I discovered Yoga and it was the only thing that really helped me move through those challenging days.

I was first drawn to the physical part of Yoga, the asanas, but I didn’t expect that the seated meditation practice would have such a progressive effect on me.

It was meditation that gave me the insight that I needed to leave my job, which seemed ridiculous at the time because I was financially I was doing great.

But I knew I had to listen to my inner guidance and I left NYC for California to pursue my Yoga training with no idea at the time, where it would lead me...

Teaching Yoga and later becoming a Meditation Instructor, has helped me develop so many amazing tools for my life and it has made me a better communicator and a more self-aware business person.

Through the years I have facilitated classes in Universities, prisons, hotels, banks and corporate offices...

And working with entrepreneurs brings me great satisfaction because I understand the hustle and grind mentality, and I’ve discovered how consistency with a meditation practice has a ripple effect with massive benefits personally and professionally.

Entrepreneurs often neglect their internal self-care practices, which can lead to overworking and can create unhealthy habits that later affect their emotional, psychological and physical well-being.

A shift in priorities and a consistent self-care habit can have a tremendous impact on your life and your business so that you can truly be ready to support the people you serve.

What calls you to greatness?

What is calling you to live the life you have always wanted?
I believe the only way to truly know the answer to this questions is through meditation.

If meditation has been challenging for you, but you really want to discover all of its health benefits, let me show you...

How A Morning Meditation Practice Will Change All Areas Of Your Life!